Sunday, August 20, 2006

The choices is yours..

well..recenly there is something keep poping up in my mind..i'm thinking of it's so good to be human..haha.. coz there are virtually everything can be control in our hand and thoughts.. the choices is always in your hand.. you can choose to do it.. or not to.. isn't it great?

whenever you meet some problem.. there is so much thing you can choose to do :
for eg. can sit there do nothing and complaining why you'll met such problem can take action to solve the problem can blame others to get you into this can ignore it and act as it didn't happen..

wow.. it's simply too many things you can choose to do..

remember the choice is always in your hand, dude??so..why don't we choose to do some actions that is constructive when we encounter some problems instead of doing other $#%#$^ thing that is simply doesn't help at all. well.. i'm sure you feel a sense of satisfaction when you solve that problem.



赞美当警惕 是非当教育
错误当经验 嫌弃当反省

Saturday, August 19, 2006

had a bad day? come here and have a look..

it's just some story(following the link below) to share with you and let you aware that your day is not thay bad you still can sit comfortably in whatever you're from to surf my blog..haha..

yeah.. you're right! You're very fortunated..

火魔吞噬四小生命 马六甲志工慰访发放


cheers and keep up with your life~

Friday, August 18, 2006

Action time! no time to regret now.

event + response = outcome! if others can do it, so can i!

so.. action! action! we want action! go go go!