Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Great condition fridge for sale.

Price: $80
Conditions: Used for 3 years (a fridge at least can last for 10 years)
Located at: Blk 837 , Jurong West St 81, opposite Nanyang CC.
Transport:  Free!(if collect by yourself)
                   Additional $25 for delivery to any location in Singapore.
How to buy: Drop an email to jen228 (at) gmail.com
Reason for selling: I think you saw the bigger fridge from the pictures.

Fridge dimensions and pictures as shown below:    SOLD

01 Overview (with dimensions) 02 Overview (Inner)
03 Lower Compartment 04 Lower Compartment Door

05 Upper Compartment

06 Ice cube holder

07 Express Cool Series

08 LG Brand

09 Condenser Model

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Windows Live Spaces can’t display properly in Firefox & Chrome but only IE

looks like my pc got some problems…  any solutions to this problem is much appreciated.

screenshot as shown: