Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Cranberries – Live in Singapore 2011

由于不准带相机入演唱会现场;而我的单反相机又偏偏的被把关的人看到。。所以只好乖乖的把它放进保险箱里(还浪费了我一块钱租用他们的保险箱;下次我会藏好的。。呜呜)。。最郁闷就是坐我附近的人个个人手一家单反(xianz…..) 不过这样也好。。我可以更加投入享受演唱会而不用花心思拍照。。。至于照片就用我的小相机拍一些来做纪念就好了。。

The Cranberries Tour 2011 Singapore_03 The Cranberries Tour 2011 Singapore_02

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The Cranberries Tour 2011 Singapore_01

The Cranberries Tour 2011 Singapore_08

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

For money..yes…you can screw us malaysian…. WTH!

One of the reason that I seldom read Malaysia locally published newspaper is because they are all being screened by the government and do not actually published views from different parties so as you can make your own judgment and thus having your own opinion.

If you got time, especially if you’re living near to Kuantan in Pahang.. I think it’s better you begin your plan to move to other city in malaysia because what I read from the following article from NYtimes made me very worry..



Some extract from the article that strike the bull’s eye:

“Nicholas Curtis, the executive chairman of Lynas, said in a telephone interview from Sydney on Monday that the project here met local environmental standards and that he believed those were consistent with international standards. “I have complete confidence in the Malaysian environmental standards and our ability to meet the requirements,” he said.”

Well, almost all malaysian after reading the above statement will understand that there is definitely something wrong …

First of all.. the local standard definitely not consistent and in line with the international standard! Besides, we all knew that, in Malaysia, even the laws are stated there or the standard are there.. the institution may not have the resources or power to enforce it… so…… what I hope is nothing but to pray that anyone with a good heart in the company can minimize the foreseeable future of that region.

BUT THEN, they are here to make money… so?
Fictional character said : “SCREWED U! who care what are the waste behind?? 3 cheers for screwing your home’s back yard… and we’re here to make money and run away!! :P ”

To make you even more worry, some more extract from the article:

“ An engineer involved in the project said that the blueprints called for the plastic waterproofing but that he was ordered to omit it, to save money. The plastic costs $1.60 a square foot, he said.”



….hmm… i think… we’re in a desperate state to lure foreign investment…