Thursday, April 22, 2010

All you need to know about renewing passport at Malaysia High Commission of Singapore

Disclaimer : all info correct as of 22nd April 2010, please verify them if necessary.

Location & Contact Details :
As of end of March 2010, they will only receive new passport application from Monday to Thursday (220 per day) and all passport will be ready for collection on Friday.

Things to prepare:
1. 2 blue background color photos (3.5cm x 5cm, passport size)
2. Original Malaysian IC and 1 photocopy of it (front and back)
3. Original SPR IC/student pass/employment pass etc. and 1 photocopy of it(front and back)
4. Completed IM42 form (can be collected at guard house for free or download online from IMI website. Please print this form in one sheet of paper as they don’t accept 2 sheet of papers.)
5. Cash SGD128 (subjected to change)
6. Your current passport (well, do I need to mention this?)

How to go (Map) :  
Take bus no. 32 from Redhill MRT station(or bus no 14 / 65 from orchard MRT) and alight at the bus stop opposite valley pt condo.(You can press the bell after you saw the Esso petrol station on your left hand side for bus no. 32) then walk along Jervios road (the road in between Esso and SPC petrol station) to reach Malaysia High Commission of Singapore.

If you plan to transfer your re-entry permit (REP) at ICA building personally, you can board bus no. 32 at the bus stop opposite valley pt condo too. However, you can actually transfer your REP to new passport via the online eServices from

Some images for easier navigation :

Malaysia High Commission of Singapore MapIMG_4377

Application Procedure :
1. Get a pass from the Guard house.

Things to take note : 
      a. they need one of your photo ID or credit card to exchange for a pass, please don’t give them your IC as you’ll need it later, give them your driving license etc. 
      b. Please don’t join the queue blindly as normally they’ll be two queues, one for getting pass at guard house another queuing to go in the high commission after you got your pass.

2. Queue at the side door and wait for security check to go in the high com.

3. Get all your forms ready and remember to stick your photos in the form, they will check before issue you a queue number. (special counter available for senior citizen and pregnant women)

4. After got your queue number, wait for your turn for submission of new passport application.

5. After submission, pay at the payment counter and they will tell you what time to go for collection on Friday. Voila, that’s it!

p/s : photocopy and self service photo taking available on the spot but it’s advisable get all your documents ready before you go to avoid long queue.

Things to take note for fill out the IM42 form:

Please fill out accordingly and take note of the following…

Page 1 : You only need to fill out your Singapore address in the “Alamat Semasa” section and remember to stick your photo and write your mobile number at the bottom part.

form pg1

Page 2 : Remember to stick your photo and fill out current passport number.form pg2 

References :

As I had benefited a lot from others blog post so I think it’s good to write an updated version. Please feel free to copy and rewrite this post to a better one. Cheers!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

say bye bye to tap input and say hello to gesture based text input from SlideIT , Swype , Shapewriter….

After I tried the gesture based data entry from SlideIT myself using my Windows Mobile(WM) phone yesterday. I’m quite convinced that tap typing input in mobile device(or smaller screen device) will soon be phased out. (well, at least for smart phone)

Initially, I really wanted to try Swype but it wasn’t available for every WM phone due to their business model(To my understanding , more incline to B-B instead of B-C). That’s completely alright for me so I try SlideIT which generally provide more or less the same thing.

Anyone who ever use WM will know that the basic input method provided from MS really leave a large room for developer to do something. Text input is generally a painful experience, so I’ll try to write as short as possible in my SMS. However, things change after I install slideIT. 

Simply put, it’s fast, it’s easy to learn, it’s cool. Using some sort of history term, you really can divide the “text input timeline” using BC and AD.

Some demo videos done by others from youtube:






All of these 3 input method are actually protected by some sort of “patent” thing but I’m not going to dig into that since it’s going to be a long debate. If you’re interested you can visit here instead.